Sunday, April 18, 2010

About time...

Installing the crown molding has been an extremely slow process. I have to admit the process was pretty tedious. I would cut one piece and check its fit. Nine time out of ten the piece wouldn’t fit, thus I would walk back down to the basement and cut a sliver off. This process continued until I felt comfortable with the final piece. On average I would say, one piece would take about 1 hour and twelve trips until it would fit properly into its position.

Well, after several weeks of repeating this process, I’m happy to report that the crown molding for the kitchen is finally completed. Well the cutting and nailing part is completed. Here are a couple of pictures showing my accomplishments.

Here is a picture showing how I cut the molding around the cable housing

Here is part of the real reason behind the crown molding. I decided to build up the wall so that the crown molding would be easier to install.

Here is the first board that I used to build up the wall

Here is the second board that I used to build up the wall

As you can see, instead of cutting several pieces, I was able to used one crown molding board because of the built up wall. Also the tin ceiling damage is no longer visible

Next on the list is finish cleaning the ceiling up. Remember the paint removal that took forever. Anyway, I want to clean that up and then begin to paint the kitchen. I figure it would be best to paint while I have the old counter top and cabinets in place. Well until next time happy building...


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