Sunday, March 8, 2009

Home Improvement...

For the last couple of weeks I’ve been pretty busy with things outside of working in the apartment. About two weekends ago, I took a trip with my father down to New Jersey to visit some family. The trip was filled with both sadness and happiness. But the depressing part of the trip is for another time and place… But one of many stories that I could possibly tell from my trip, is of one story that is more relevant to the house journal.

My loving uncle, who I know is proud of my success and learning experience through life, has been sharing this wonderful story with one of his co-workers. My uncle tells me that every time that a new journal entry has been entered, he would print out a copy and share it. Apparently there was one day, after my surgery, that my uncle’s co-worker asked, “Any new entries from the Puerto Rican Tim Allen?”

I actually loved that show and Tim Allen’s character, Tim “The Tool Man” Taylor. I certainly love the reference. Thanks for the laughs… Thought you would like that story...

Ok, back to my home improvement. The apartment upstairs is almost there. This weekend I was able to remove the trash and start cleaning some of the rooms. I also had help from my mother, who cleaned the kitchen. It is starting to smell clean.

I was also able to place some decretive trim down at areas where the floors do not evenly meet.

I was also able to get the cracked radiator repaired. The crack was welded and hopefully it will work ok...I have not installed it yet… I have to admit,. I’m still a little scared to move anything especially after my surgery and all… But I can say that it looks fixed and is ready to be installed.

There are only a few things left to finish the upstairs like remove all of the tools, paint the hallway and window trim, install the radiators, switch out a couple of damaged plugs and clean. Then it’s just creating the required administrator stuff, like application, lease agreement and so on. Anyway, until next time…

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