Sunday, April 19, 2009

The work must continue.....

Even though I’ve placed an ad within craigslist, fixing and cleaning things around the apartment must continue. Last Friday is when the advertisement went live. Thus far I’ve had several potential tenants interesting in viewing the apartment, but nothing yet.

Last weekend the apartment was completely cleaned. Thanks to my mom and both of my nephews, I was able to really put a dent into getting the apartment upstairs ready for some showings. My initial concerns cleaning were with the hardwood floors. I was concerned that the dirt and dust could have damaged the floors that the shine would not come back. But with some elbow grease and an old mop, the floors returned to their original look…

Here are all of the pictures showing the work that was accomplished last weekend.

I was also able to install a new screen door to the porch. The original door was in a horrible state. Here are some pictures of the screen doors showing the before and after…

The only things left that I would like to accomplish are paint the back steps, install a new floor, fix some electrical plugs, and replace the batteries in the smoke detectors. The new floor that I’m referring to is the landing in the back steps. Here are some pictures showing what I’m referring too.
Once all of the said items are completed… The real fun will start… My living space…. Well until next time.

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