Sunday, June 14, 2009

Popcorn anyone?

I feel pretty bad, because I didn’t fulfill a promise that I’d made in my last entry. Previously, I stated that I would give an update to my current project, mid-week… But things certainly didn’t go according to plan. No shock there… From Tuesday to Wednesday, I was in Atlanta Georgia, for work. Then on Friday, I had to drive down to Newark, New Jersey for a family issue. When I returned on Saturday, I was so exhausted that I went to sleep in the afternoon (4 pm) and didn’t wake up until the following morning (Sunday). Honestly, this traveling stuff is for the birds… It’s really starting to catch up to me…

Anyway, let me explain what I’ve done thus far to the bathroom. Last week, I basically showed you the “blank canvas” of the bathroom. I started to update that bathroom by first removing the medicine cabinet. I never liked the medicine cabinet. The medicine cabinet mirrors were too small. I felt that I could not fit my big head within the mirrors to see myself shaving. Also, part of cabinet was being held by grimy duct tape.

After removing the medicine cabinet, I could see why that wall was cold in the winter. The cabinet was exposed to the outside wall with no insulation to protect it.

I remember the previous owners stating that they had updated the bathroom. But I felt it was not my style or rather my flavor. I always thought that statement was also funny because of the duct tape décor. Anyway, the previous owners had cut the studs to mount the cabinet into the wall. So I decided to place some sister studs, just in case I needed something to support what ever I decide to put in its place.

I also stuffed some new insulation between the studs. That is when I realized that I needed to put up some brace boards, partly, because the wall was built out from the studs. For some reason the studs were set back about ¾ from the drywall.

Once that was completed, I cut out a piece of drywall to fit in the vacant spot. I also placed a new piece of drywall by the heater. Additionally I replaced the old plug with a new GFI plug.

After completing that, I decided that it was time to get a new light fixture. Recently I found a place in West Springfield that specializes in lights. So I drove over and found a light fixture that would match things nicely. Prior to installing the fixture, I was reminded of a time where I had…..
Yes, before I installed the new light fixture, THE POWER WAS SHUT OFF!!!! I also had to install a new junction box for the wire connections. Here is a picture of the new light fixture. Look at that, it matches the sink…

Now comes the hard part…. MUDDING…
Actually, it's really not that hard, it’s just time consuming and messy. Dust gets into everything and everywhere. But it has to get done, if I want the room to look nice.

For the ceiling repair, I used a small paint brush and just dabbed at it… I’m not a big fan of the popcorn ceiling look but I really don’t want to remove the ceiling. It doesn’t really match the ceiling extremely well. But, the damage ceiling is really not noticeable anymore

Anyway, now I just need to sand things and I should be ready to paint the walls pretty soon. Well, until next time…

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