Sunday, October 4, 2009

What to do???

I sit here pondering what to write. So many things are running through my mind that I can’t focus on one thing. Normally I can express things freely and easily. But I’m struggling over here, partly because it’s been sometime since I’ve actually done any work around the house. I kind of forgot what I’ve accomplished around here. This double life that I lead can truly be mentally and physically challenging. I’m referring to having to work a real job and having to be a landlord, which is also known in the politically correct world as a Property Owner/ Manager. Well, technically we don’t actually own anything until we pay the last mortgage bill… The true owners of our beloved homes are the banks. But that is another story…Ok… let me move on from this depressing approach of.... Whatever it is… an introduction?

Sooooo… How are things on your end? Good I hope. And how’s the family?

Ok this is pathetic. As you can probably notice I’m a little scattered brain today. I have to admit the mind and house have me a little disheveled lately. My mother had recently paid me a visit and asked a valid question, “how do you do work in this mess?” Ok I get it… I have to clean... Everything!!!

Part of the problem, of course, is my own fault. I started another project without finishing one. What I’m referring too is that I have two projects going on at the same time… Actually like five projects. And to top it all off, I have to travel to that little place in Virginia again next week.

The projects that I’m referring too are the workout room, living room, bedroom and the radiator upstairs…Yes I said it… radiator!!! You know the radiator I had surgery because of it. Ok that was my fault also… It’s the radiator where I conducted the improper lifting technique. I was out of the “game” for like 4 weeks…

So the other day, after a cold night, I got a call from the tenants about water coming out of the radiator in the living room. As I was investigating the problem, I realized that the repaired weld had weakened and the crack had returned. So I decided instead of repairing it again, I would rather just get a new one. I went to a place called ReStore Home Improvement Center in Springfield, Mass. Here is the link:

Basically, they accept donations of quality but unwanted home improvement materials and sell them, especially hard to find items like an old fashion cast iron radiator.

I’ll tell you what… That #$%@ radiator is HEAVY!!! Thanks to Wilson, we carried it up stairs and took a 2 hour break. Actually I think I got light headed and passed out… Just kidding… Ok this wouldn’t be a “classic Angel story” without me telling you that I did fall down a couple of times onto the steps. I think I have a pretty bad bruise on the back of my leg. After the lifting techniques were followed, I did discover some good news, NO stomach pain. Anyway, the next thing I need to do is change the inlet valve for the new radiator. The install shall be accomplished sometime this week.

Hmmm... It's a little bigger than that old one... I have faith it will work... (Fingers crossed of course)
Another issue that the tenants informed me about was about some outlet not properly working. They are old and are causing issues where they are sparking. I had informed the tenants that these types of issues should be reported immediately. I don’t want safety issues like this left unreported. Everyone knows about my luck with this house is pretty thin. I was able to change those problem outlets.
So because of the on going projects around the house, the master bedroom has been at a standstill. Trust me, it’s on the list. The pink boots are starting to get to me…

I also had to take two trees down. They were leaning on my neighbor’s fence. Here is the before picture… I forgot to take the after pictures…

The good news is that the tree company has been getting more business in my neighborhood… Their trucks have been around more and more lately, although I still haven’t seen any commission… I guess I need to renegotiate that contract…

Sadly, the living room has been on hold also. I’ve decided to really focus my effort to the weight room. Not like I’m actually going to use the weight room, that is another story. But I removed the cork board flooring and the smell was instantly gone. Underneath the cork flooring was laminate flooring that was in bad shape. When I removed the cork board flooring, I realized that the floor thickness was actually about a ½ inches.

I decided to reinforce the floor with an additional ¾ inch thick floor. This would make the flooring stable and sturdier. I’m planning on putting in wood flooring. I was able to purchase some laminate locking wood flooring. It’s a floating floor that is cheaper then real wood.

I had to work around the radiator. I was unable to remove the radiator. I don’t have a large enough breaker bar to remove the nut. I figure when the plumber is on site fixing the radiator upstairs, he could possibly get this one free…

Ok plan of attack… Dishes first… Yes I’m a winner!!!! HAHAHAH!!!!

Anyway, until next time, happy building…

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