Sunday, December 12, 2010

All engines are a go…

Winter is right around the corner… You know what that means… Snow, Christmas, winter coats and the wonderful B-1 Bomber of a boiler starting it’s engines…Yes this year the boiler began its’ wonderful thunderous banging that sounds like a locomotive racing through my basement… This was an issue last February (Empty Shelves) that was not completely fixed. But prior to addressing this issue, my hip/back injury decided to resurface once again. So I decide to take a break throughout the month of November. So doing things around the house was a little limiting.

Also part of my limitation of doing things around the house was due to a wonderful holiday that just passed… Thanksgiving… I love having a gathering of food, family and friends in once place. This year, I had family and friends came over for a wonderful dinner. Basically I was able to show off the new kitchen. I’m happy to report that there were no issues with the new dishwasher, sink and/or counter. I got positive feed back from family and friends with the accomplishments of the kitchen. Here are a couple of pictures showing the family in the kitchen.

IMG_1482Nieces Audia and Nylevea

IMG_1484  Mom, Nylevea and Fredy

I was certainly grateful that the dishwasher was installed. After eating dinner, the dishwasher had efficiently cleaned all of the dishes prior to me going to sleep.Thus my cleaning time was reduced by 4 days…

The following morning the B-1 boiler had started it’s engines. At 5 in the morning, the pipes began to violently bang. The banging had carried on for about 5 minutes. I was unable to fall back to sleep.  I was extremely exhausted and frustrated that I decided to contact Ken.


IMG_1500  IMG_1503  The wonderful cause of all of my problems

Ken evaluated the piping and realized that the vents that I had installed were incorrect. The vents that were installed are for high pressure water systems. My issue  is that I have a high pressure steam system. The furnace/boiler would produced steam within the pipes when kicked on. Well once the room within the house reaches the required temperature the furnace/boiler would shut off. The pressure within the pipes would be trapped within the returned water. This would cause water that is generated from condensation to bounce back and forth. Basically the high pressure steam had no place to go… The new vents would allow the pressured steam to escape and minimize the hammering within the pipes.

IMG_1509        The new vent

Since installing the new vents, I have not heard any noise since. I am finally able to sleep through the night… So it is certainly a good start… Well believe December will be a slow remodeling months. Thus I hope everyone will have a safe and joyful Christmas. Well until next time, happy building…

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