Thursday, November 20, 2008


The weather outside is kind of frightful…. Well at 6 in the morning, the temperature inside felt about the same.. I woke up this morning and realized that the furnace was not operating. I walked down stairs expecting that the water storage would need water, which it did not. But I was hearing a clicking sound from the furnace. I hit the switch to reset the furnace and still the clicking noise was still there. I accidently touch some exposed wires and the furnace kicked on… But after about a minute of operating, the clicking returns…I felt the furnace was sending me Morse code…. “… - - - …”

Here is a picture of my "B1 Bomber" furnace... Luckily, about a month ago, I had signed up for a protection program for the furnace. So I contacted my service company and they informed me that they would send a technician. I was also informed that all of their technicians were extremely busy and will be out as soon as possible…

So after about 9 hours of huddling under my unicorn blanket, I heard a knock at the back door… I had explained to the technician what was going on. So he removed the igniter and explained that it was damaged, so he replaced it. All done… But after he turned the furnace back on…

“…- - - …”

The technician then joked, “Well I guess that wasn’t the problem…”

Here is a picture of the damaged igniter, as you can see the orange sleeve is not covering the white ceramic igniter properly. Anyway, after investigating further, the technician noted that the wire connections to the regulator valve were loose. He sprayed a conductive liquid onto the connectors. But still, “…- - - …”. So he decided to replaces the regulator valve completely. After installing the new valve and performed a series of checks, the furnace began to work properly. The technician wrapped his things up and jokingly says, “It worked when I left...” with that he was gone.

Here is a picture of the old regulator valve.

Here is a picture of the replacement regulator valve. So after about an hour, as I’m sitting down watching TV, I begin to hear a dripping noise coming from the hallway. I walk over and look up and note that the ceiling tile is damped and dripping water… I had a feel like I’ve been in type of situation before… I try to remove the ceiling tile and realize that hot water was dripping down. So I went upstairs to investigate the water source. Because it was hot water, I assumed that it must be another radiator leaking . It turn out that it was a radiator and it was not seated properly against the pipe. I tightened the locking nut and the dripping stop…. That was an easy fix, I think....
Here is a picture of the first floor ceiling.
Here is a picture of the ceiling debris
This is picture of the radiator pipe going into the second floor radiator. This is where the water was dripping down from. Well that is it for now... Until next time....

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