Sunday, July 5, 2009

Your vote counts....

I hope everyone had a wonderful Independence Day… The holiday was extremely relaxing for me. Because of the extra day off from work, I was able to partially finish the bathroom. Ok the main goal for the long weekend was to finish the bathroom. But I had minor set back…But, I’ll explain more on this in a little while.

My first priority in completing the bathroom was to repair the floor that had rotted away. I had cut and nailed in a new pieces of plywood in the damaged area.

After repairing the floor, I then installed the new peal/stick flooring. I could have installed ceramic tiles for the floor, but the floor wasn’t leveled properly. Here are the results.

Please note the window; there will be more on that in a few…
I then changed the knobs on the vanity. I wanted to change the knobs because the ones that are shown did not match anything in the room…

Clsoe up of the new knobs... The knobs were selected, because they match the towel rack.

Once the knobs were installed, I then started to work on the windows. I initially wanted to install blinds to the windows, but realized that the windows were too small. So after a couple of days of debating with myself, I came across a window cover that adheres to the windows using water. Basically you spray water onto it and press it against the window. The pattern is pretty cool and makes the windows look like stain glass. Here is a picture showing the new window treatment.

I then wanted to make the floor have a better look against the wall trim. I was going to place caulking around the edges. So I began to tape the edges to give it a nice clean look around the edges.
But, when it was time to install the caulking, you guess it… I ran out of caulking material... Well I guess it can wait until tomorrow. But, the show must continue.

Anyway, I felt to finally complete the bathroom, I needed to put up some pictures. So while I was researching for some ideas, I started to look through my pictures that I took while I was in Paris, France, several years ago. I found some that could work, I first changed them from color to black and white. Then sent them out to get enlarged. Here are the three pictures that I plan on using. Although I think only two will fit in the room… So I’m taking a vote. Which two photos should be used in the bathroom?

Photo 1...Photo 2,
Photo 3
The size of the pictures will be 11 x 14 inches. Well, now that the bathroom is about 95% completed, I feel it might be a good time to start another room… The lucky candidate to be updated will be the living room. So here is a photo tour of the living room at it current condition.

As you can see, the walls are wood paneling with half finished trimming around the edges. The brick face was once the location of what looks to be a stove chimney, but has been plugged up. Also, several fake beams run across the ceiling. Not sure what I’m going to do with them… But, the ceiling fan has about an inch of dust that’s permanent. It certainly looks like the fan will be removed. Also, the window blinds do not work properly.
The wood paneling around the baseboard heater needs to be fixed also.

The brown carpet also NEEDS to be replaced... Actually, It NEEDS to be removing, to expose the hardwood floors underneath. Most likely needs to be refinished...

The light switches and plugs need to be replaced, to include covers. I doubt they are properly grounded...
The ceiling also has a hole that needs to be repaired. It looks like the previous owners were trying to put in some type of air conditioning system… But never finished. Which seems to be a recurring theme….

Those are the items that need to be updated within the living room. Well until next time, happy building…. Remember let me know what you think of the pictures... Thanks for your help...

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radfahrerbaby said...

Definitely pics 1 & 2, although I really like all three.


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