Sunday, August 9, 2009

Back to the swing of things...

The month of July passed with no added accomplishments done to the house. Basically I was required to leave town for several weeks for work. I was finally able to return home last week. The day that I return from Virginia was the day that I decided to take my vacation. So I’ve planned a week and a half off from work. Well you know what that means… Yup, work around the house.

I’m happy to report that the bathroom is finally finished. The room came out really nice. Thanks you everyone for voting. With your votes, I was able to select two pictures to hang up in the bathroom. Based on everyone’s vote, photo 1 and photo 2 were selected. Here are the results.

On the first day that I started my vacation, I tackled the living room rug. I was tired of looking at the stains. Plus, it was an excuse not to vacuum the rug. Anyway, the rug was extremely easy to remove. The hard part was getting on my hands and knees trying to remove the staples that held the degraded cushion in place. That task was time consuming.

After removing the rug and cleaning the floor, I started to evaluate the windows. Over the winter, I had to install plastic over the windows to keep the cold out. I had a moment where I remembered bone head Bob, the window sales man. Anyway, after a small chuckle, I decided to purchase new windows. So I began to remove the window trim. After measuring the rough window opening, I took a trip to my local super big box hardware store and ordered two windows… By the way, they were about $170 each, still lower than bone head Bob’s quote… (
The windows should be delivered in about 2 weeks.

Part of my decision in replacing the windows are due to they are not energy efficient. Plus as you can see within the walls, there is no insulation between the wall and window.

Once that was completed, I started to prime the 1970’s wood paneling walls. The grooves within the panels were too deep that I needed to paint them first with a brush. I had to paint the walls with a second coat of KILLZ, because the panels were to dark. As you can see from the picture, I plan on keeping the fake beams on the ceiling. I think it give the room some character.

While the paint was drying, I decided to replace the back screen door. The door was installed in an awkward way. To get into the house, pneumatic door close was installed at the same level as the main door knobs. So to get into my house I would squeeze my hand between the pneumatic door closer and door knobs to unlock it. Also, the screen was damaged pretty badly. Plus I love the duct tape.

Here is a picture of the new screen door.

The up coming week is going to be a busy one. I certainly have a lot planned before I return to work. It is really too much to say at the moment… But, I promise you will see all of the updates. Anyways, until next time, happy building...

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