Sunday, March 14, 2010

Combat Roll...

So when you are using a pneumatic nail gun, always remember that the nail needs something behind the piece of wood that you are nailing. If not, you have a projectile bouncing off the walls and you hit the ground like a fool. Ok, I’ll explain more about that later…

Next on the list of things to do was install some type of covering for the opening above the refrigerator.

I decided to install a box that covers the area. More like an “L” shape covering. Here are a couple of pictures showing my progress of the new box cover.
After installing the cover, I began to install the crown molding. Part of the problem was that I had to increase the distance for the crown molding. The reason for the required increase in distance was because of the tin damage around the edges. I wanted to cover up the issues. So I added a .25 inch decorative shim to both the wall and ceiling. Ok this is where crazy begins… I needed to create a fixture piece so that I could determine where to put the shims on the wall. So the sample piece was a little interesting, I first clamped the pieced together and then nailed them together. When I nailed the first piece together, I didn’t hit both pieces together, the nail shoot across the room and I did a perfect combat roll on the floor as if I was back in basic training.

After realizing my mistake, I decided to give it a try again… Yup I missed it again and the shot hit the martini mixer and hit the wall. This time I decided to use the old hammer and nail…That worked out much better, but it was much harder than I had original thought. So I cheated and use the pneumatic air gun to finish the job. It actually worked much better.
I used the fixture to help locate the shims. By using the fixture I drew lines on the ceiling. Once the lines were in place, I began to cut the shims and nail them in place. But I first decide to try to figure out the miter cuts for the crown molding… HOLY CRAP was that a mission... I decided to do some research online. Which was helpful; however for some reason my mind and cutting techniques were not in sink. I spent about an hour and half trying to cut an inside and outside corner… The angles and orientation was not sinking in. I finally wrote my plan out on paper and that finally helped. But once I got the hang of cutting the crown molding, it was getting late. So I began to cut the decorative shims and nail them in place.

But because of the time, I decided to postpone the additional work until later...There is certainly more to follow, but until next time, happy building…

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