Sunday, August 1, 2010

The first shot... Hopefully the last...

You may already have notice, but, I have a strong dislike towards bats. I could use the word hate, but hate is such a strong word that it could imply that I want a total destruction of bats… What I’m trying to say is I don’t feel an extreme hostility towards bats. It’s discomfort that I just don’t want them bothering me. Too sum it up, they scare me. Basically, I scream like a baby. And when I’m running for shelter, I’m honestly man enough to scream, “Get out of the way!!! Scared little girl coming through!!!” Sorry ladies, this is one area, I would have to say, “good luck, man in shining armor I am not…” However, I’m ok with catching mice, squirrels and/or chipmunks. Yes I have some experience chasing and/or catching those little creatures. But the flying mice, that is not my department.

I have a strong respect for bats. I understanding that bats like many other creatures in our world have a function, a meaning or rather a responsibility. They have a duty, like many of us. Let me clarify, they are innocent creatures just attempting to live life and tend to their young ones. Too continue the cycle of life for their species. I had read somewhere that one bat can consume up to about 3000 mosquitoes in one night. So with that, there is a benefit of having bats… Thus, removal of any bats from my house would be humane. I certainly didn’t want to go in gun blazing with pesticides per say. Additionally, bats are protected by law in Massachusetts and may not be killed.

I was fortune enough to find someone with that met my requirements. His name was Enoi Chonmany, owner of Greenleaf Pest Management, Inc. (There is a link on the side bar for Greenleaf Pest Management). Talking with Enoi; he tries to avoid using pesticides when removing animals and/or creatures. But sometime when it is necessary, he tries to use a limited amount. When using pesticides there is a real concern of it flowing down to a neighborhood parks with the possibly of hurting kids and/or innocent animals. I was extremely pleased with that statement.

When it comes to bats, Enoi works at night. The time was about 5:30 pm when he reported for duty. He started by buttoning up the loose siding and access areas of the house. The last thing that would be sealed would be the Chimney-130 hatchway, after the bats exited for their nightly hunt… After about 2 hours, he was completed with the first stage.

We both sat at the back porch talking about his pest control business and life in general. I have to admit, I truly enjoy meeting new people and hearing how they get to where they are today. It wasn't until about 8:15 when we saw our first bat fly by. We sat on the porch for several minutes while more bats flew by. After about 15 minute we then decided to stand by the cars and look up towards the chimney, also to examine if they are exiting through other areas of the house.

That was when I started to count the paratroopers exiting the Chimney-130 hatchway. As we stood looking up towards the chimney, I realized I had a serious infestation of bats when I reached a count of 35 bats and still going.

It wasn't until I reached a count of 52 when I decided to run for cover. As count 51 flew by, we both look up and realize that bat 52 was flying towards the both of us. As if the bat wings weren't strong enough. Number 52 dive bombs us... like a kamikaze fighter. It would appear that he was attempting to defend his home. I honestly almost did a full combat roll to avoid its attack. It was more of a full duck down to my knees. Of course the exterminator was laugh while he bravely side steps the attack. I was freaking out. Number 52, then circles and takes another dive bomb towards us. I crash into the exterminator while he's laughing. The bat then flies by and into the trees behind us... At that instance I through in the towel, time for me to go, have fun Enoi... But I knew that there was more bats in that chimney, but I couldn’t keep counting after that experience... I jog into the house and hide under my unicorn blanket for protection…

About an hour later I go outside to check on Enoi, there he was up on the roof working on the cap.
Picture of the chimney button up

The following morning I had awoken about 5:00 am, and was leaving to do some morning errands… It was still dark out. My nephews were with me as we walked outside towards the car. Devyn looks up and says, "Hey are those birds?" I realize that about 5 bats are circling around the chimney. Sadly they came home to find an eviction notice and the locks changed. I said “no those are bats”. He freaks out and runs into the front seat of the car. Glad to see that I’m not the only one freaking out so early in the morning…

Later in the day I catch myself looking up towards the roof of the house. I was expecting that the bats would be sitting on the trim of the house, waiting to attack with vengeance for evicting them for not paying rent. But as I look up, I feel slightly satisfied that they were not exterminated, that the bats were only evicted from my residence. I don't live that far from a couple of old empty factory buildings. So I like to assume that they have taken new residence there.
But surely, next on the list is to get the chimney cleaned before winter. Over 50 bats in that small condensed area could produce a lot of guano. Well until next time, happy building.

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