Friday, July 23, 2010


Growing up, I’ve been taught to give everyone a chance. Basically try to be respectful and friends with everyone. I’ve learned that everyone will have their own perspective in life. We all see things differently and will have our own needs and wants. My experience in the military also taught me that to be successful in life you need to have an understanding of your faults and strengths.

You may already know my faults… If not, here is a little flash back...

Let us continue… About a week ago, I was traveling home from food shopping. I usually leave pretty late to avoid crowds at the local grocery store. Upon my return home, the sun had just paid its last farewell to us for the night. I'd happen to hear the dreaded squeaking sound that those lovely creatures of the night like to produce. I looked up towards the chimney and notice several bats exiting the chimney one at time. The bats exited the chimney as if they were paratroopers jumping out of a C-130 airplane. I could have sworn I heard the jump master scream,
“Get ready! Outboard personnel, stand up! Inboard personnel, stand up! Hook up! Check static lines! Check equipment! Sound off for equipment check! One minute! Thirty seconds! Stand by!”

“GO! GO! GO!"

Lockheed C-130 Hercules with Airborne troopers jumping

I stood there and counted about 8 bats exiting the chimney. So of course this how my mind works… OK 8 bats... that means 4 of them are possibly female bats. It’s their breeding season, thus each female has about 3 pups. That's a total of about 20 bats in the chimney. Looking further I realized that I need a better chimney cap. OK that isn't a big problem… As long they are isolate to the chimney I’m good. I’ll just contact someone in the morning and get it fixed.

After putting all of my groceries away, I decide to go to the basement to switch my clothing from the washing machine to the dryer... As I'm walking down the steps, a dark spot on the ground catches my eyes… I'm frozen in my step. My right foot is hovering about 2 inches off the ground... I'm standing there like a block of ice.... still, rigid, and cold... After about what felt like 20 minutes of scared time (1 minute of real time = 20 minutes of bat time) I began to feel the numbness in my hovering leg and realize that the bat on the ground isn't moving. It’s another bat, but dead. I’m in shock and trembling. I instantly snap into my Elmer Fudd stance… I walk/sneak over to the washing machine and make the exchange as quickly as possible. The exiting of the basement was swift and quick like a cat…

Another long night was beginning to pan out… I fall asleep with the lights and the Television on, once again. The ironic part was that the movie the Dark Knight was playing as I attempted to sleep…

The time was about 6 am when I heard the dreaded noise of our beloved flying mammals…Did you know, that the noise produced by a bat acts like a sonar. Basically ultrasonic sounds are emitted specifically to produce an echo. The echo produces a detailed image of the bats surrounding.

Anyway, at 6 am, I jumped up and instantly shut the television off… I’m sitting there in silence… I’m concentrating and attempting to focus my listening skills to see where the noise was coming from… After about 10 minutes (Bat time) I hear nothing… I decide to turn the television back on, the echoing returns…I spin around to have my eyes lock onto a kid’s show on the TV… I notice that the kids were playing basketball and their sneakers were rubbing against the basketball floor…

I smile and shake my head in embarrassment. I’m driving myself crazy…

So after finally waking up, I realize that I need to get my clothing from the dryer… I decide to go down with my flashlight. I walk into the basement and place my clothing into the basket. As I’m walking up the stairs with the basket in hand, I have the flashlight pointing up towards the ceiling and checking things out… I feel something touch the top of my feet… I instantly freak out!!! I drop the basket and run up the stairs as quickly as possible… I’m at the top of the steps looking down… I realize that a sock had fallen out of the basket and onto my foot… I had a sigh of relief…

I’m truly driving myself nuts….

This is it… It is time to fight back!!! I’m at DEFCON 1 and my Homeland Security color has just been adjusted to, “Black and blue with a shade of purple!!!” I’m tired of feeling scared in my own home… It’s time to call in the re-enforcements!!!


I contact a local pest control company. They come on site the same day. Here are some of the pictures that were taken while the pest control company representative was on site.

House Chimney-130 Hatchway
As we approached the chimney, the bats could be heard making their wonderful squeaking… The noise was pretty loud…

The Chimney-130 evaluated further... 10 bats were counted hanging. I attempted to take a picture but they dropped before I could get the picture. (I really didn't take the picture, the Pest Control Rep did)

Additional opening into the attic that will be repaired

Pest Control Representative showing me additional areas that need to be repaired

Today my vacation officially starts… You know what that means… Work around the house. Now that the bat situation will be under control in the next couple of weeks, I can now focus on the “Honey Do list…” The kitchen is currently on the radar. The current plan is to purchase and install the new cabinet this coming week. Until next time, happy building.


Anonymous said...


I think that your blog should be turned into a book for new homeowners.

I had the same thing happen to me about 30 years ago. I came back from a business trip late one evening. I started sleeping and I could not figure out what was hitting my hair. It was a bat, I jumped out of bed and slept in my living room that night. Next morning I took a broom and whacked my bat friend who was hanging inside one of my drapes. I am afraid I killed it but at least I was able to sleep the next night. This was my fault since I had left the window in the bedroom open...

I enjoy your stories. You write so well..

Best Regards,

Holyoke Home said...

SCARY! That is so freaky. I love bats because of all the mosquitos they eat, but NOT IN MY HOUSE!


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