Monday, February 28, 2011

You can’t go!!! All of the plants are going to die…

Wait, I don’t have any plants… Ok, as I’m sitting here writing, I have the movie Stripes (1981) starring Bill Murray and Harold Ramis (Movie link)  playing in the background. The opening scene has Bill Murray’s girlfriends walking out on him. The scene is pretty funny especially when he says, “You can’t go!!! All of the plants are going to die...” I guess in a way I feel the same way with the tenant upstairs… After about two years of occupying the apartment upstairs, she officially gave her 30 day notice (It's Official). I do have to say the experience thus far has been pretty good. I certainly have no complaints. In reality, I should never expect anyone to stay in that apartment forever.

I will be attempting to have the apartment ready by April 1. I have a couple of things that I want to accomplish upstairs before I rent it out. But that won’t happen for a couple more weeks from now. So until then, lets focus on the first floor.

Yes, I’m still working on the hallway floor. I began my work on removing the corkboard flooring. Yes, the wonderful Search and Rescue crowbar was once again my weapon of choice. As I was chiseling the corkboard flooring away, I discovered a black paper that I think was a poor attempt to level the floor.



As you can see from the photo above, the door was wide open. After so many days of being below 32 degrees Fahrenheit, it was finally above 40 degrees… It was really nice outside, but I was working inside…of course….


However, later in the day after experiencing a beautiful sunny day, the snow decided to give us a visit, once again…


I guess I should focus… So after removing the rubbish, I started to install the 3/4 inch plywood. I had to shim plywood between the back door and bathroom. It would appear at one time there was a cast iron radiator and the weight of it had sunk part of the floor.



I had to cut the plywood to fit around the baseboard radiator.


As I was crawling around the floor, I had felt a cold blast of air coming from the floor by the door. So, I decided to fill the crack with an expandable sealing weather foam.



After filling in the cracks with the expandable seal weather foam, I was then able to install the new flooring. The plan was to install the same peal and stick flooring that was used in the kitchen and bathroom. However,I decided to wait until the following morning. It was pretty late and I was pretty tired from all of the work thus far…

So the following morning, I awoke to find that the expanding weather seal foam had preformed as designed… However, I think I over did it… 


Prior to installing the new floor, I had to cut the excess foam back. But I was even more shocked when I found the expandable weather seal foam can. Apparently the can shutoff had malfunctioned, thus, here was the results.. OOPS!!!


Once my foaming issue was taken care of, I was able to finally install the peal and stick flooring.



Here is the result… I’m so excited that this project is finally complete. It’s now time to move onto another project. But, I won’t worry about that now. Until next time, happy building…


Holyoke Home said...

How's the April 1 deadline going?! We'd love an update!

Redcano said...

The April deadline is coming extremely quick… Things are of course, coming together extremely slow… But, I should be having a formal update in the next day or two… But to give you brief preview, I’ll be placing an ad for the upstairs apartment today.


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