Monday, March 14, 2011

How did you get poison ivy?

The motivation of completing both apartments has certainly taken hold of me. I think it might be the fact that I can finally see the light at the end of the tunnel. However, that could be just the reflection coming off my flashlight. Regardless, the “Honey Do List” is certainly getting smaller (You may notice the new list on the left). I’ve decided to highlight things that I would like to accomplish prior to renting out the apartments. The exterior stuff doesn’t necessarily impact the individual apartments, however, I guess you can say they are nice to have items…

So with this new found motivation… Could it be that over the last three years, my canvas is finally going to be finished… Maybe I should go to the local gallery with my new painting and display it for all to see… I guess I need to dust off my old wool French beret labeled, “Rusty” and light up my Gauloises that’s being held by my quellazaire…Wait I already do that, except for the beret and cigarette part…

I did spend some time in Paris, France. I honestly don’t remember seeing anything like what I just described… However, I certainly do remember the wine and bread…. So good…But, ok let us switch tracks here… I’m really not sure where that thought was actually going…  Except that I’m pretty excited that things are truly starting to come together with the house.

So with the tenant giving her notice. I’ve decided to hire some help… I originally ask for quotes from several individuals to paint my 3 bedrooms and a storage area. I figured I could focus on other things… So instead of painting this coming weekend I can work on the apartment upstairs. The quotes were all over the map… Sadly a friend was just laid off and needed some help… Luckily, I was able to help him out.

Prior to the painter coming over, I had to prep the rooms… I initially moved all of the furniture to the middle of the room. Below you will notice the 4 rooms that needed to be painted. The blue room was once the workout room, now its just a spare bedroom… The flesh colored room is my office. And the wonderful wall paper room is the master bedroom… The wood panel room is a storage/front porch.






Once the furniture was moved to the center of the room. I then started to remove some of the electrical outlet and switch covers. To my surprise, (actually nothing surprises me anymore) I realized that the junctions boxes were not mounted to a stud and/or wall… They were floating… note the pictures below.



With this new found discovery, I replace the junctions boxes. They are now mounted directly to the wall and should not move. I also switched out the outlets. The original outlets did not socket the plugs properly. The plugs would easily fall off the outlets, causing the electrical equipment to shut off easily.


Additionally, the office walls were pretty beat up. The walls were covered with hole from tacks and/or nails from the previous owner… So I filled the holes with putty and sanded the excess material after it dried…You think that is enough calamine lotion?


The painter came to the house and was done within two days. Here are the results of his work. Sadly the photo’s don’t give the color justice. But the color is of a light brown/yellow color with white trim work.




The painter thought it would be funny to leave the shoe switch cover on… However, the rooms look 20 times better than before…

I feel that the painting is completed for the bedrooms. Thus I’m free to work on other things. Like place a new ad for the apartment upstairs today (Apartment Ad). Within 10 minute of placing the ad, I received 3 calls…Thus far, I have two potential families coming to look at the apartment upstairs on Friday. Everything is truly coming together. Anyway until next time. Happy building.

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