Saturday, September 20, 2008

Let there be light....

Now that the roof was completed; I was able to start my focus on other things around the house. When I first purchased the house, the first thing that I notice was how dark the front hallway was, especially during the day. Presently there are only two windows in the entire front hallway. One window in the hallway is next to the front door and the second at the top of the steps. The first major purchase for the house was a new front door. I had been pretty excited about the door every since placing the order for it. The only problem was that I never installed a door before. So I decided to hire some help. It turn out I wasn’t really handy with putting in new pull down steps for the attic either.

A good realtor should have a good contact list. My realtor certainly did. Christine came through once again. She recommended a carpenter by the name of Rick. I had contacted Rick prior to purchasing the door and requested his services. I asked him what it would take to install a new door and move the current door to the back. Originally I was going to purchase two doors. But Wilson recommended that I just move the front to the back. It really helps when you have an outsider looking in. I also needed pull down steps to be installed.

Rick was extremely helpful and courtesy. He agreed to install the doors and attic steps. I placed an order for a door and it took 3 weeks before getting it. When I finally got the door, I contacted Rick...

These pictures were taken the day before Rick arrived to install the new door. As you can see, the old door is pretty solid with a small piece of glass to allow a limited amount of light to enter..

Just a close up of the old front door...

The new front door is a basically all glass. The panels on the glass are frosted slightly with a minimal amount of floral for a design. The new pictures of the front of the house don’t give the new door justice. But believe me, it really looks nice.

The room looks so much brighter with the new door… wouldn’t you say? Plus it allows me to see who is at the door prior to answering it.

The back door was replaced with the old front door. The old back door was completely damaged. It was extremely difficult to close and lock. So this was certainly a good improvement.

Here is picture of the old back door. It was a glass door also which gave it potential, except it was extremely old with excessive weather damage.

Well I’ve just realize that I did not take any photos of the black hole. The stairs were completely missing when I purchase the house. The previous owner broke them and removed them prior to me moving in. But, I was able to get a better replacement. So I guess you will only get to see the finish product of the attic pull down steps. Notice the nice trim work that Rick installed.

So the only thing left for this room is to paint this ceiling and walls..

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