Thursday, September 11, 2008

Man is it really raining..

Well the bathroom ceiling was feeling kind of wet... The weight of the water overwhelmed the concrete mixer within the two sheets of paper and well in turn caused the concrete to punch through too the floor...

Initially, I died a little inside... I knew that it would be a pain in the rump to get the entire apartment completed in time... Instantaneously, I knew that I would have to move the date from September to October... Plus now I'm concerned that the water damage has transferred to the studs and joist... not a good feeling inside...
I had planned on removing the tub and the walls prior to the ceiling collapsing... This was of course because of the hole in the tub and the fact that the walls are disgusting.

Here is where the water was entering into the bathroom. The roof shingles were not properly installed into the plywood. It looks someone decided to take lunch and never return... The shingles were loose and not secured...
In this picture you can see the pooled water residue by the chiminey stack..
Here you can see the shingle are not installed properly.
The rolls shown here were placed on top of the shingles to hide the shabby work.
I gutted the ceiling and walls to be able to evaluated the studs and joist.. I need to know what damage they were in...
Then it really starts to rain.. Here is a picture of plastic guiding water into the tub as water pours down the ceiling.

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