Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Rain, Rain go away come back another day!!!

The roof is finally fixed!!!! So Christine came through, she has a good friends who does siding and roofing for a living... Well I needed to get my window trim fixed...So I contacted Paul to do the required work for the house... Here is a picture of the roof prior it getting fixed.

Paul evaluated the roof and agreed to help. I had asked that he evaluate the entire roof and tell me if anything else need to be fix.. His response was that the everything else was in good shape. He start immediately... That following weekend he went to town... He removed the existing portion that wasn't removed. He told me that there were 4 layers over the bathroom. Also that there was a squirrels nest in the corner... Paul was done over the weekend... it was great...

Here is the latest work from Paul. He put down a new roofing weather sheets... With the new roofing material in place he also put flashing between the existing roof and new roof.. The nails have new tar. When Paul returns to do the trim work, he will fix the flashing over in the corner of the roof... But the work is out standing..

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